Saturday, September 3, 2011


It feels like FOREVER guys! I'm back at school and let me tell ya, its been crazy, but I really am loving every second of it. I missed my friends!! I love them so much and I'm probably gonna start posting a bunch of random pictures of us because it's our senior year and I can't even handle it. Don't get me started! I'm a mess, I don't know how to act. Ok now onto le life of fashion....I'm so behind! I have so many outfit pics backed up and this is just not going the way I planned but that's ok. I guess fabulousness requires patience? Idk, I'll just tell myself that. Ok well anyways, way back when I was on summer vacation (I have homework now, what is that?) my mom and I finally caught the Alexander McQueen exhibit. I told myself I was not going to be a NYC resident and not see that exhibit. It was NOT going to happen! Well here's what I wore. Haha sorry for rambling, I've just been gone for a while. Ciao bellas <3
Sheer blouse: necessary clothing; shorts: f21; shoes: miz mooz; necklace: st. vincent; earrings: f21; bag: vintage (momma's :D)

oh you know, just the line to get in! -___- what does a sassy mother get you? A spot in the front of the line my friend ;)

There was this awesome mirror type thing that was in another exhibit and I just thought it was really cool


  1. I love your shirt! You look simply stylish.

    en la moda

  2. worse picture of me ever is included....