Saturday, September 24, 2011

ALERT ALERT: Artsy pics on deck.

I've been so excited about these pictures, but this week has been crazy! My friends and I had a lovely day of shopping (and scored all the awesome sales!) and then naturally we went and took some artsy pics on a random artsy path. Yes, it was a beautiful day. Prepare for a picture overload.
P.S- those wedge booties with the wooden heel were snipped for 14 bucks!!! Obviously I smiled for the rest of the day.
My outfit: sweater: h&m; shorts: f21; over the knee socks: f21; purple scarf: Gap; wedges: Urban Outfitters


senior portrait? hehe

hahaha she's the cutest

I love this picture!! :)

"word, g-man."

this happens every day.

‎"OHHH ive had the time of my liiiiiife and i've never felt this way before....and i swear, this is trueeee and i owe it all to youuuuuu"

and at the end of the day, the shoes come off.
Question of the day: How did I end up with model friends?
Ciao bellas,
"Keep calm and buy new shoes"


  1. definitely a great place to take photos. you all look wonderful and are obviously having a great time. love that you're all wearing those same cute shoes.