Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keep calm and go shopping.

Via title= one of my favorite quotes. My #1 favorite quote is "keep calm and buy new shoes". Gotta be creative ya know. Anyways I say this because I went shopping with my friend this day, because we were in dire need to to relieve some stress. Ohhh the life of a teenager, unbearable *insert feeling of faint*

Well onto more important things, we have a guest star today! Just in case you were tired of my face or something....Oh what is that? You'll never get tired of my face?? Ahhh how lovely of you....Did I just have a conversation with myself? Maybe o.O Well the guest star is my beautiful grandmother. Look how classy and chic she looks! And look at those shoes :o, she's very proud of them haha. I'm an even prouder grandbaybay.
Ciao bellas :*
Sheer shirt: Necessary Clothing; dress: f21; ankle boots: f21

let me get back to you with where these shoes are from.

My turn! :)

love that belt bracelet. Got it at the flea market. 

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  1. Your grandmother looks amazing! Her outfit is so well-put together. I love your shirt and the hair-scarft (or what is it called?).