Saturday, September 10, 2011

She's always buzzing just like neon,

Still way behind on my blogging, but I'm trekking along guys....ladies? Gentlemen? Let's settle with fabulous humans lol. I'm really excited to show you all my fall outfits though, so I'm trying to plow through these. This day my family and I went to Governors Island which is like a 5 min ferry ride from downtown Brooklyn. This place (Pier 6 in downtown bk) is so developed! Everything looks so clean and organized. They have a freaking "beach" volleyball section in the middle of Brooklyn! I was impressed if you can't tell. Governors Island was cool. They sell food, and they have a little sandy spot, and there's live music, OH YEA...and there are random volkswagen parades....gotta love nyc. Well here's my very bright, bubbly and skin- bearing outfit.
crop top: LF stores; floral skirt: f21; white converse; chain purse (that I always carry): Aldo

beach volleyball!!! BK :o

buggy parade. weeee! ( <--that reminds me of the Geico commercial when the little pig is like "WEEEE!" omg that's my favorite commercial :D)



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  1. Nice outfit and these cars are so adorable! :)