Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dragon days and the fire's hot

Another internship outfit. Promise this is the last one.
Ciao bellas,

kimono: h&m; waxed jeans: zara; flats: UO; necklace: South Africa 

my name

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wake Up Everybody!

I just woke up my brother and sister by singing this song with my beautiful voice hahaha, these are the things that keep me going. I've been gone for a while because things have been craaaa-zayy. There have been so many events, my brother graduated and I graduated!!! And then pretty much right after I went to Disney World :D good times, good times.  Well these are pictures from when I was still at TJX and my lovely friend Caroline (Lyons) joined me for some pictures. Putri of course took and edited these pics. Love and miss you guyssss.
*Wake Up Everybody- John Legend and The Roots

sheer top: Necessary clothing; mint jeans: zara: flats: nine west (very old): necklace: f21

sometimes I'm concerned about my well-being