Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yes, I was so comfortable this day guys. Maxi skirts and dresses are my favorite. I need some more for fall. Ok, I'm having a really difficult time dressing for this weather. It's like 70 degrees and humid and ugh, I don't even know. I wanna go shopping, but I don't even really know what I want. No, that's a lie! I want flowy skirts and jackets and sweaters I can layer and stuff. Plus my shoes obsession has not died down, so I am constantly looking for a new pair to fall in love with. Oh the life I live....
P.S- my lovely photographer this day was my dear Fatumata <3
Skirt: f21; shirt: PINK; scarf: Paris; boots: betsey johnson

lol like my socks?

on that note...have a nice day!!
Ciao bellas,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ALERT ALERT: Artsy pics on deck.

I've been so excited about these pictures, but this week has been crazy! My friends and I had a lovely day of shopping (and scored all the awesome sales!) and then naturally we went and took some artsy pics on a random artsy path. Yes, it was a beautiful day. Prepare for a picture overload.
P.S- those wedge booties with the wooden heel were snipped for 14 bucks!!! Obviously I smiled for the rest of the day.
My outfit: sweater: h&m; shorts: f21; over the knee socks: f21; purple scarf: Gap; wedges: Urban Outfitters


senior portrait? hehe

hahaha she's the cutest

I love this picture!! :)

"word, g-man."

this happens every day.

‎"OHHH ive had the time of my liiiiiife and i've never felt this way before....and i swear, this is trueeee and i owe it all to youuuuuu"

and at the end of the day, the shoes come off.
Question of the day: How did I end up with model friends?
Ciao bellas,
"Keep calm and buy new shoes"

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Last one of the summer, I promise!....I hope? Like my new glasses? Now I actually wear glasses in public instead of contacts all the time. My dad brought that shirt back for me from India, and I think it it sooo pretty. And ps. no, we do not always have random streamers in my house. They were from my sister's going away party. *sniffle* She's growing up so fast :"( She's in the 9th grade now at boarding school.
top: India; skirt: h&m; shoes: f21

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keep calm and go shopping.

Via title= one of my favorite quotes. My #1 favorite quote is "keep calm and buy new shoes". Gotta be creative ya know. Anyways I say this because I went shopping with my friend this day, because we were in dire need to to relieve some stress. Ohhh the life of a teenager, unbearable *insert feeling of faint*

Well onto more important things, we have a guest star today! Just in case you were tired of my face or something....Oh what is that? You'll never get tired of my face?? Ahhh how lovely of you....Did I just have a conversation with myself? Maybe o.O Well the guest star is my beautiful grandmother. Look how classy and chic she looks! And look at those shoes :o, she's very proud of them haha. I'm an even prouder grandbaybay.
Ciao bellas :*
Sheer shirt: Necessary Clothing; dress: f21; ankle boots: f21

let me get back to you with where these shoes are from.

My turn! :)

love that belt bracelet. Got it at the flea market. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

She's always buzzing just like neon,

Still way behind on my blogging, but I'm trekking along guys....ladies? Gentlemen? Let's settle with fabulous humans lol. I'm really excited to show you all my fall outfits though, so I'm trying to plow through these. This day my family and I went to Governors Island which is like a 5 min ferry ride from downtown Brooklyn. This place (Pier 6 in downtown bk) is so developed! Everything looks so clean and organized. They have a freaking "beach" volleyball section in the middle of Brooklyn! I was impressed if you can't tell. Governors Island was cool. They sell food, and they have a little sandy spot, and there's live music, OH YEA...and there are random volkswagen parades....gotta love nyc. Well here's my very bright, bubbly and skin- bearing outfit.
crop top: LF stores; floral skirt: f21; white converse; chain purse (that I always carry): Aldo

beach volleyball!!! BK :o

buggy parade. weeee! ( <--that reminds me of the Geico commercial when the little pig is like "WEEEE!" omg that's my favorite commercial :D)



Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I've been dying to get a mint nail polish for the longest and I finally bought it! Scoreee. So you see this little double nail color thing I did there? Guess where I got the idea from? An episode of Pretty Little Liars ^_^ haha. I saw just a glimpse of what the blond girl had on (can't think of her name right now) and I thought it was really cool. Her's was neon pink and neon yellow though. Btw, I'm easily distracted by pretty nails, it's kinda embarrassing haha. I can be yelling at you and if you say something about my nails my voice will get all high and i'll say thanksss while taking a minute to admire them. All of this happens in a split second lol. Oh goodness...

ignore the background lol

Saturday, September 3, 2011


It feels like FOREVER guys! I'm back at school and let me tell ya, its been crazy, but I really am loving every second of it. I missed my friends!! I love them so much and I'm probably gonna start posting a bunch of random pictures of us because it's our senior year and I can't even handle it. Don't get me started! I'm a mess, I don't know how to act. Ok now onto le life of fashion....I'm so behind! I have so many outfit pics backed up and this is just not going the way I planned but that's ok. I guess fabulousness requires patience? Idk, I'll just tell myself that. Ok well anyways, way back when I was on summer vacation (I have homework now, what is that?) my mom and I finally caught the Alexander McQueen exhibit. I told myself I was not going to be a NYC resident and not see that exhibit. It was NOT going to happen! Well here's what I wore. Haha sorry for rambling, I've just been gone for a while. Ciao bellas <3
Sheer blouse: necessary clothing; shorts: f21; shoes: miz mooz; necklace: st. vincent; earrings: f21; bag: vintage (momma's :D)

oh you know, just the line to get in! -___- what does a sassy mother get you? A spot in the front of the line my friend ;)

There was this awesome mirror type thing that was in another exhibit and I just thought it was really cool