Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Endings

Do you wanna hear about my recent struggle with my nails? Ok sure thing. So I was trying to marble my nails (see video) and I literally spent like 5 hours total trying to do these nails. Obviously the marbling gods and all of their glory hate me and they just didn't want be to succeed so I failed. Dun Dun Dun.....but don't worry! Leopard print came to the rescue. I refused to remove the only decent nail with marbling on it, because I could NOT stand to paint another nail so that is why one nail is random. Now I'm sure you too, are dying to figure out how to have a piece of leopard print with you 24/7. Well that's too bad, I can't help you there. Haha jk jk jk. Here ya go!
1) Choose only a fabulous base coat and let that dry a bit...or you know, completely
2) place 3-4 dots on each finger. Any color you choose (in the fabulous category).
3) using the tip of a bobby pin (or if you're fancy and you have the skinny nail brushes use that) dip it into a dark color and place smaller dots/ half circles around the main dot. I hope I'm not confusing you guys with all of these dots! 
4) pat yourself on the back for completing diy leopard print nails!! Congrats lovelies.

PS. I've been wearing a lot of blue nail polish lately. It's very unusual but it's happening and I'm accepting it.
PPS. Sprint is getting the Iphone in January!! Yessss. I'm gonna get SO many fabulous phone cases.
:( my nails are short. NOT ok. 
Ciao bellasss <3


  1. take moar pics of your fashionista self pweasee.....

  2. So cool
    I love it