Monday, August 8, 2011

Lilac and pearly whites

My mom and I spent the day in SoHo. I got all the things that I've been dying for so I'm very satisfied :D I'll post pictures of them soon. We had a great lunch in her favorite restaurant and the bathrooms are like the coolest things ever. They're clear and until you lock it it won't fog up, so don't forget to lock the door or else all your goodies will be seen with out you thinking twice about it >.< Embarrassing. And it's really awkward because you can see the outside perfectly, so you think they can see you. I spent about 7 minutes darting my eyes back and forth making sure nobody could see me. haha it was a little stressful to say the least, but still cool as hell.
Tank: f21; high waist shorts: f21; flats (with gold flecks): urban outfitters; pink beaded necklace: f21; pearl necklace: gifted ...... BEST LIP GLOSS EVER: Sephora (it's so effing sparkly I can't even handle it) 

lace bandeau from my mammaaa

awesome bathroom

Oh nyc
this is an old picture, but a better look at THE lipgloss.


  1. Congratulations of being featured on TeenVogue's Snapshot!

  2. I love the s, these pictures are great!