Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A kiss with a fist is better than none.

I actually really didn't know what to wear this day and I just threw on random things and VOILA! I created a kind of roughed up outfit. Idk I'm very girly, but I also have days where it looks like I might knock a couple people out if they slip up haha. Also can we agree that without animal print life would be 91.5% less great? Thanks I'm glad we cleared that up. 
scary women face t-shirt: American Apparel; plaid shirt: f21; skirt: f21; THE boots: Miss Betsey Johnson :) (i'm sure you guys know that by now. No? ok fine then.)   

Some woman thought I was like 21. How old do I look? I'm 17 guys.

Also random arm party...I used to say arm candy but now The Man Repeller got me stuck on arm party. sighh...

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  1. Cool outfit, love your top :)