Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It hit me the other day...the blogging world and everything else ( youtube, tumblr, facebook at times) are such egocentric environments. I know in the blogging world at least, we don't mean to come off as conceited little trolls, but the whole concept of it is well....vain. Pictures are taken of ourselves because we think our outfits and our style are so great that we have to share it with the world. When it's put so bluntly it sounds bad right? But that's the main idea, and I kinda hate to admit it. I don't think my outfits are the best out there at all, pshhh are you kidding?! I drool over every other person's blog, but it probably comes off that way. I guess blogging is like a learning experience. We get ideas from each other to make our blog and our styles stronger...Does that sound right? I don't know guys I'm just trying to flesh out this technological world. What do you guys think?
Well I'm still going to blog so here's the outfit of the day. It was a black day for the seniors at my school (a tradition where we dress up in black on the 3rd of every month) so that's the reason for this monochromatic outfit, even though I do love all black everythinggggg.
Ciao bellas,
Skirt and socks: f21; coat: Delia's; flats: nine west
photo cred: Cailin 

I uploaded all of these and they didn't upload so I had to reupload everything! I blamed my sister just because.


  1. Yeah, when you put it like that it does sound bad. But I like to think about it differently. Besides I only post the outfits i really like, if i doubt, i don't post it. Though sure, I find many-many others to have much better personal styles, wardrobes, pictures etc. but no one should ever compere herself to others.
    anyways, i blog for me but also to inspire others. i really like the feeling i get if i inspire somebody.
    oh, and i got this book about blogging, actually it's more about how to make blogging your business, but it's a really good book, it helps to make your blog the best it can be. i definitely recommend it. :) It's called " fashion 2.0 blogging your way to the front row "

  2. I love your coat and the lace skirt <3 x


  3. love your parka!!! following you now, please follow back :))