Tuesday, December 13, 2011


   Here is the nail color that I've loved most recently. It's called Canal Street by NYC (hence the chipping). At first I didn't know how I felt about it, I kept looking at my nails (you know the arm stretched out, splayed fingers pose? Ya, that was me for like three days.) I thought I was just gonna throw this polish in the back of the box, but then something magical happened and it grew on me (i'm so dramatic, but that's fine). It shimmers so nicely and it has a nice deep red shade. It also drys really fast.  Go get it, it's only $1!
    Now to explain why I'm so dressed up: I'm in AP studio art for photography (btw I have to show you guys the pictures from our nyc trip) and we had to dress up as a historical figure/event, so I chose Marie Antoinette. This was my first photo shoot, and it didn't go so well so I did it again. I'm sure you guys will find the pictures quite entertaining. They'll be up soon.

I have so much work, I can't wait until vacation. 3 more days!!! What do you all have planned for the holidays?

Ciao bellas,


  1. Ok so love your style and your blog..I just looked through idk how many pages haha...I followed back! And youre on my bloglist!