Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Shopping.

 I feel like I've been missing for so long! I was in a diversity conference in Philly for a few days, but I'm back. Also I noticed that on my last post I got a lot more views than usual, and I was wondering why/how? Where did you lovely people come from?? I would love to know.

Over Thanksgiving I did some shopping even though I told myself that I shouldn't be (ugh this happens all the time haha). Here's the thing though, I only got things that I've been looking for for a while, and they were priced really well. Also some of the items were gifts *dances* Hope you like!
Ciao bellas,
Coat: Delia's; fur collar: Gap; rain boots: gifted: glitter flats: f21; earrings: gifted from Panama; lipstick: NYC; nail polish (called Goat. Ha!): f21

I don't usually go into Delia's, but my little sister was looking and I saw this coat for 50% off so I was like, SNIPE!

I was actually kind of upset when I realized the nail polish was called Goat. Like could you really not think of a better name?? Anyway, that lipstick looks great and any skin complexion and it's only $1. Win win situation.

earrings from Panama

They sparkle and make noise. What else can I ask for? Actually it's a little awkward when I walk in late for class and my shoes are rattling *blushes*

Finally got my glitter flats and they were only $16!! Yesss


  1. you picked some really cool shoes!

  2. Those little boots are the cutest! You were lucky, you found some great pieces.

    xoxo (till next time)

  3. What great pieces. I love the combination of army green with sequins!

  4. glitter baby yes!! love :)