Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mr. Lover

   Have I fallen off the face of the earth? Well since I have the tendency to be a bit dramatic I'm going to say yes. I'm sorryyyy! I have been taking outfit photos, I just havent't been uploading :( It makes me really sad actually, I've missed it so much. I think I've just been sulking in my misery, because I'm at school in New England instead of in the caribbean somewhere, oh poor me! I also see pictures of my friends and other random people in California in shorts, maxi skirts and crop tops, and it seriously makes me contemplate kicking someone. If you are in the Caribbean or California right now, we are not friends at the moment, give me 10 minutes and I promise you I will have forgotten why I was mad at you in the first place. Any ways, seeing as how this is an outfit post I should probably talk about he outfit right? Got it.
    So this outfit isn't anything special AT ALL. I just wanted to show off my fancy rain boots and new lipstick. Also I got this dress over Christmas break so I wanted to show you guys (speaking of shopping, I just ordered a bunch of stuff online, so I see a haul in the near future. YAYY!! *dances*) I've been wanting this lipstick for about three long years now, and I finally got it (from my brother, aww :D well he gave me the money, whatever). I've never actually looked at the name of it before I bought, and of course when I look down it's called Mr. Lover. Figures, I would be drawn to the only lipstick that is called Mr. Lover. Well now that I've talked your ears off....or read your eyes off???....no that sounds bad, here are some photos! (sorry for the bad light and what not, my beautiful photographer Caroline Lyons was sick and couldn't go outside)
Ciao bellas,
dress: h&m; black cardi: UO men's section; tights: f21; heart earrings: f21; rainboots: gift; lipstick: Mr. Lover, Sephora

blurry :( sorry

I've been searching for a circle skirt for so long now! I found this dress, so I'll just convert it to a skirt when I feel like it. I mean I know I have a nice butt, but enough with the body con skirts, jeez!! Haha jk...except not really :D (dies laughing at myself)

blechhh, maybe I should have thought about using the carpet as a background before I uploaded?

this lipstick is HELLA bright, dab it on.

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