Friday, January 13, 2012

New Years as a Minor.

Well my New Years didn't exactly go as planned. I didn't do anything with my girl friends or get to wear my sparkly dress, but I had a sparkly tee to replace it, so I guess all is well. Today we also have some special guests! Mainly because I was photo bombed so many times, but I did like their outfits. Although I mostly focus on women's fashion, I do appreciate a well dressed male. The kid with the beard is my friend/"brother" Powers (yes that's his real name). We grew up together, so he's basically family. Also he's a drummer and does everything else that has to do with music, so I'll link him below so you can go check him out. He'll be famous one day, so be the first to know about him. Other people include my brother and Mom. I hope you guys are still having a fabulous new year! It doesn't have to end by the 2nd.
p.s I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of this skirt, sorry in advance.
Tee-shirt: J-crew; skirt: necessary clothing; wedges: UO 
Visit Powers and his band's website!!:

point made.

We watched fireworks on the roof

thanks so much Powers! ......

so much love

don't talk to me Powers.

My brother on the left, Powers on the right
great layering Pow haha
He insisted on having the bottle in every picture just to get on my nerves -__-

My brother's shoes are pretty cool also



Again check out his site!!!

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