Saturday, April 28, 2012

You're just as hot as radiation.

This was during that random hot week in the beginning of April and now it's cold again :'( Why does Mother Nature hate us??!! I just want it to be warm all year long. Ask me again why I didn't apply to colleges in California. Sighh. This was just an easy outfit to slip on and go to school with, so I hope you enjoy. All of these pieces are fairly new also...oops :/ I'm a shopaholic I admit it *cover face* Also these were taken with my iphone so I'm sorry for the poorer quality.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! Yesterday my friends and I did an intense work out and then took a spontaneous trip to Boston for dinner, so I was happy :) P.s we got through 4 minutes of the Insanity workout and we thought we were dying. That thing is no joke! But then we did pilates from youtube videos. As a result I cannot move from my bed right now. Oh goodness, I'm getting old.
Ciao bellas,

Sweater: Material girl; maxi dress: zara; bandeau: f21; flats: UO

Slightly incredibly overly obsessed with open backs. ^_^

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