Saturday, April 21, 2012


I had a fabulous Easter weekend at home. I saw family and old friends and it was just lovely! I know these photos are really old, but they were taken with my phone so I was just lazy getting to download them. This is a casual outfit, but if you notice I dyed my hair dark again, got my eyebrows down for the first time, and I'm wearing orange lipstick, which I was hesitant about but absolutely love. I'm also including my twin brother, because I thought he looked like a little J crew model and he cracks me up. Hope you enjoy!
Ciao bellas,

Brother: blazer: h&m; jeans: levis; tie: j crew; shoes: Clarks desert shoes
Me: sweater: Penguin; high low dress: f21; flats: UO

His hair cut looks really weird in these pictures, but it's like this fade or whatever they call it that all the boys are getting now.

Some twirls.

Some jumps.

I've gotten into anklets lately. I used to have them when I was young and then forgot all about them. I think they're really fun.

My babies, aka cousins.

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