Friday, May 4, 2012

Get your head out your dreams they would say

Notice this neon green/yellow again? Yea, I'd probably get real comfortable with that color if I were you because it's gonna be showing up a lot more. I LOVE it! It makes everything brighter (I mean how could it not?) and happier. I'm also incredibly in love with my waxed jeans so you'll probably be seeing a lot of those also. Hope all is well my loves. Prom tomorrow!!
Ciao bellas,

Waxed jeans: zara; sweater: gap; flats: UO; necklace: f21

here comes the turn for the worst :/

oh no...

Photos by Miss Yulianna 


  1. i like your necklace and that sweater is really gorgeous :)

  2. Okay, so I absolutely love this combo. I was there when the pics were taken but still, i gotta say it.