Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seriously though?

I saw these in LF yesterday, and I wanted to cry a little bit. They are so sparklyyy!!! I had to say my goodbyes and then Maddie had to pull me away :'(
I could save up and get these beauties, but here's my thinking. These slipper flats are really on trend so if I spend $150 and then they're out of style by next year someone is going to hear it. So I figured I'll just get some nice classic ballet flats. Found awesome ones on the Steve Madden website also, and they're A LOT cheaper! They look just like the J crew ones, but they're not being ridiculous with they're prices. J crew makes me mad.....but yet so happy (have you seen their winter catalog??) ^_^

ugh, short of breath, dyinggg: Steven by Steve Madden

$40 Much better :)


  1. Top shop has a pair similar to the ones above for a fraction of the price


  2. Ahhh thank you! But I actually just picked up some flats similar to the second pair for $16!! score score score.