Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In love.

At the moment what am I in love with?? Let's take a look.

I watched Alexa Chung's video for Teen Vogue and I died when I saw her boots (the video is below). I probably spent a good hour (maybe more) trying to find those motherjcbnslmkdvn boots online. Ugh the sparkly heel just made my entire life brighter. The only thing I hoped for was that they weren't a million dollars. Well I got my wish, they are a mere $1,150 -____- I obviously have to think before I wish. 
Miu Miu Jewel-Heeled Zip Booties

I actually wish the jewels were smaller, like little diamonds.

These beauts are from Topshop and I think I need them....just maybe. Those babies are a ground-breaking 6 inches!! ( we see where my priorities are when this is ground-breaking lol)
I really love this album! And no, I did not download it even though it leaked. I listened to all of the songs on Grooveshark. I will definitely be buying this album.

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  1. im dying for some dicker boots but sadly its not in my budget