Monday, February 20, 2012

You know those days....

When you say you're gonna dress up, but then 7am hits and it all goes down hill? Well this was one of those days, but I at least managed to put jeans on. Here is a very casual look that mostly focuses on my necklaces. I like my lipstick too.
Sweater: h&m; boots: Betsey Johnson; all necklaces: f21: lipstick: Revlon "raspberries"

treated myself to a real mani finally. I don't usually do those design things but the woman just did it, and I actually don't mind it, it makes me feel fancy :)

p.s please excuse my awkward face in these photos >.<


  1. Coucou :) Comme tu es membre de mon blog, je voulais juste te prévenir que l'adresse à changée : voilà, alors n'hésite pas à mettre à jour tes favoris et de mettre des petits mots sur les nouveaux articles :)
    PS : Le blog reste le même, il n'y aura pas de changements.