Monday, June 27, 2011


turning this dress into a skirt took more work then it looks. I got so frustrated at one point that I took off my crop top and threw it on the ground. It was just getting in the way.

fishy faces=GOLD. don't forget it....on another note, my stomach looks like it has cellulite. Can that happen?
Maybe it's just my killer abs. *shrugs* 

umm staring at nothing I guess....that's fine

Yayy outfit change! This was the same day as the graduation, but I changed for the concerts in the park. So I wasn't feeling well this whole day but once I got in the park I felt HORRIBLE! I felt like I was slowly dying just to give you an idea.  And as I'm writing this it has not gotten any better. I've never had the flu before so I don't know if it's that but it does not feel good lemme tell you :/. But anyways the only positive thing I could think of was how I at least didn't look as bad as I fact I think I looked much better :D

maxi dress (worn as skirt): h&m; crop top: american apparel; sandals: steve madden Aldo; bag: vintage


 sister's middle school graduation. oreo milkshakes. exuberant neighborhoods. sunny days and sunny dresses. new shoes. vintage bag.....oh and mohawked dogs

dress: f21; shoes: f21; bag: vintage
congrats graduate! And yes I understand that my knot looks a little challenged. 

yayy enhancement!
Whoo more twirling!

a yellow taxi in the background. How awesome is that?!

ok now back to me
peach nails! score. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

short skirts, bling, and faux leather.

oh hey Kiko cat...

some twirling, you know

hoops are big even in star form :D

blinging (english?)
The life of a teenager.
ok #1 thing I must make clear: my dress is orange and my sunnies are red! You will probably never catch me matching like this for sunnies, red shirt, red shoes, red belt, etc. Yeah never.  

striped dress: F21; sheer orange tank dress: h&m; boots: F21; red sunnies: h&m

The Beauties and No Beast

Some of my new beautiful purchases from F21 that I'm obsessed with. They look vintage-y but obviously aren't since they're from F21. Btw if you haven't noticed I have a slight addiction to F21, they just sell (almost) everything for cheappp! Ok I feel like I'm saying F21 way too much. I hope you like them.
Ciao bellas

Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspire me.

Some photos that I have loved for a while.
from Tumblr 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My friend said I looked very jazzy this day, and I said that's exactly how I'm feeling.

striped shirt: h&m, nautical-striped shorts-F21, hat: stolen from my mommyface, favorite shoes!: Miz Mooz

my friends call me Diva

I'm in love with these shoes. They're my "big girl shoes" that I got for my 16th birthday. I will forever love them...and my yellow toes.


Mellow Yellow on toes, peach on fingers
New nails! Love this peach color on my nails. It's like a nude but...peachy, whadya know. I put this yellow on my toes every summer, it makes my day soo happy and other people too believe it or not. People stop me on the street to tell me they like my toe nail polish. All I can do is smile and say wow.


yellow toes, yellow skirt

My version of the tutu-appropriate for the ballet I would think
Sorry for the horrible picture, i just wanted to show you guys the color
Went to the ballet to see Coppelia with my mom on Saturday! It was beautiful. Every time I go to the ballet it makes me want to dance intensely again :( Anyways, well I love this yellow skirt and having matching toes made wearing it even better.
 skirt: gifted, t-shirt: Banana Republic, shoes&earrings: F21, bag: Aldo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feel my shoes as I'm walking over you.

THAT necklace. In love. Doesn't look like it's from F21 does it?

Know where the blog name comes from now?

I put off a paper b/c I was searching for these boots that were sold out Everywheree. You call it addiction I call it dedication.
Felt pretty badass today even though I was in a pink dress. Well it was a T-shirt dress! Gimme some slack. Btw I love T-shirt dresses. MAGICALLL (I sang that of course).
T-shirt dress, shades, necklace: F21,  belt: Old Navy, THE BOOTS: Betsey Johnson of course

Warm Sugar Vanilla

freshly washed chucks

please join me in the seizure over these earrings.

the light makes it look like I got punched in the face....hmph
Warm sugar vanilla has to be the best smell in the world. I never get tired of it, but I'm sure my roommate does. Bath and Body works, go get some. But yea, I just felt like this smell was following me yesterday, maybe it stayed put better or something? Can't complain, can't complain.

Shirt: H&M, Skirt, earrings, cat-eye shades: F21, Sneakers: take a guess.

Who Wouldn't

I always wonder who would not want to wear nail polish. Like think about all the fabulous things about it. It can change a whole outfit, it can brighten your entire day, you can switch it whenever you have the patience to do so, it lasts longer than a days outfit and does a bottle ever run out?, there are SO many options out there. Trust me i can go on and on, it gets me so excited. Well here's what I've been wearing for the past week or so. They're from Forever 21 (they actually have really good polish), but they come with really sucky names so my sister and I made up new ones! The coral is now called Frantic Blush and the blue is called Falling Sky. xo
Coral is on le fingers and blue is on le toes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


that is all.
Ciao bellas,


These are some of my favorite outfits that I made on polyvore. I will definitely be recreating these some how! Creating outfits on polyvore definitely inspires me, it gives a fresh outlook on everything. Go check out the rest of my outfits. Hope you like them :)
Ciao bellas,