Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A tidbit

1) I love lists so this is going to be in list form :D
2) Sparklesssss-recent obsession
3) HOT pink and purple are my favorite colors
4) my collection of lipsticks and glosses is getting a bit ridiculous. Does that mean I'm going to stop purchasing them? Negative. Or as my cousin likes to say, Negatory.
5) I also have an ever-growing (is that english?) collection of pigs, yes pigs. Not real ones of course, but in every other shape and form.....No, I don't eat pork lol.
6) ^ to back up #5 let me say that I hardly purchase my pigs, I blame the excessive amount of pigalicious things in my room on my family and friends, they are the ones who get them for me. Because of this fact I love them with all of my heart. Instead of judging they make the obsession worse...or better, whatever.
7) LOVE boots. All kinds.
8) Actually starting this year I've been in love with all shoes. It's an expensive addiction.
9) Leopard print is golden. Don't let anyone tell you other wise.
10) Perfectly painted nails. The simplest thing to uplift my day.
11) I guess from the previous 10 you can tell that I'm pretty much a "girly girl" even though I hate the way that sounds. Girllll-yyyy Girlll. Ew, what's a different word? Feminine? I guess. :)
Ciao Bellas

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