Monday, October 31, 2011


     So today Maddie and I celebrated our friendaversay :D haha. Four years strong! We were so cute. I went to her house, and we had a little tea party. We made our selves look presentable, and we sat in the fancy dining room by the window and had our own little circle table. We used her mom's china teacups that she got at her wedding or something, and we had a bunch of pastries on a silver platter (literally). Chai tea and red velvet cupcakes. Yesss! We thought it was only right for us to put on some classical music, all though we had no idea what station it was on. Once we figured it out, the Harry Potter soundtrack was on smh. It was kinda nice though. I guess it was supposed to be in essence of Halloween, but it reminded us of Christmas time (since there is freaking snow on the ground!) Naturally we both wanted to fly on broomsticks.
     So anyways, we exchanged our gifts, and then we marched to the piano (not really, we just walked lol). She learned how to play some songs on it, so we sang along. Our favorites include The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson and Someone Like You by Adele. It was a perfect friendaversay, I will be sure and post some pictures. Everyone needs to have a friendaversay with someone! It's the best thing ever. We've decided to have tea parties more daily. Ok maybe weekly :)
Ciao bellas :*
Where it all started. October 31, 2008.All of these pictures are horrible lol.

favorite picture. casual frolicking. 9th grade.

Well this is my favorite picture too....I guess they're all my favorites since I'm putting them up here, and I selected them from the 400+ pics that we have together....yes you read correctly, 400 pictures! And those are just the ones tagged on facebook. o_O mind. blown. 

Prom 2011
  we're freaks and that's fine. 

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