Saturday, October 29, 2011


Reasons why I love this video:
1) It's very mod. Twiggy inspired perhaps? Hmmm? 
2) Umm I'm sure American Apparel sponsored this video because basically all of the clothes are from there. I love the outfits though! 
3) That double winged liner she has on in the beginning
4) All of the bright colors!!! And how she keeps changing the background. It's. Awesome. 
5) Beyonce's hair is dark again like she has some sense. Her hair was getting too blond for me. haha
5) The dance studio and all of the beautiful dancer outfits. I love the way dancers dress! It's so nonchalant. You know, the leg warmers, the layered tights, the leos with plunging necklines, and of course the ballerina bun. It brings back great memories.

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